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OLYMPO is a calculation program which enables the user to select refrigeration machines from the catalogue. Through this simple and intuitive tool, the user - in complete autonomy and in a very short time, will be able to formulate a quotation.

This selection software provides several guidelines in order to select the most suitable refrigeration unit, based on the following selection parameters: refrigerant, type of compressor, required cooling capacity, evaporation and condensation temperature.


Instruction for Use

Once registration, launching and identification of the "SERIES" have been achieved, the user can select the unit by following the steps below shown:

Step 1

Select the refrigerant

Step 2

Select the compressor

Step 3

Specify the refrigeration capacity required

Step 4

Indicate calculation of tolerance

Step 5

Specify the operating data

Step 6

Select the model

Step 7

Select the required accessories

Step 8

Print the offer


The first step in order to properly use the OLYMPO selection software consists on connecting to the website and register as a user.

All fields are mandatory and in particular the e-mail address, which is necessary to send the confirmation of authorization to use the software.

To launch its own account, the user must click the confirmation link received by email. The login credentials, email/password, will be automatically created.

The user, once authorized to use the system, can change the password, previously automatically generated, an unlimited number of times.


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