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Innovative cold technology


Faithful to its 25 years of experience in the commercial and industrial refrigeration engineering and the constant monitoring of the stage of its production, Tecnofreddo-Aerre's mission is to satisfy different needs and provide innovative and cost effective solutions throughout a wide range of advanced and efficient products.

Tecnofreddo-Aerre aim is to continuously strive to identify and meet the demand of its customers by offering a unique package of high quality products, excellent customer services, while encouraging innovation and energy efficiency, ensuring a sustainable development and the respect of the environment.

By combining these concepts to the competent and professional management, the high-skilled team of engineers and technicians, and the organizational efficiency of the company production system, the company has managed to develop a very efficient and competitive sales network.



Aerre-Tecnofreddo has always taken care to respect nature, and is aware that the management of company activities that pays attention to the problems of the environment offers an important chance for growth, development and better competitiveness.

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Real professionals

The know-how of the TecnoFreddo-Aerre team of experts as well as their constant commitment to find technologically advanced solutions, guarantee a range of innovative and cost effective products always in step with the state of the art in refrigerating sectors.

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Our added value our to be able to customize its products and to make machines also intended for special systems with the aim to ensure the most suitable solution for each case. This is our strength and the origin of our success!

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Mar 21, 2016

Thinking of you, We wish you a very happy Easter!




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